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A lady’s skin is delicate, its balance hinging on many factors like hormones, stress and the many tasks and duties she has to juggle on her plate. Work, family, kids... the list is endless and she often forgets the importance of self-care. She is vulnerable to the same skin conditions as the general population, but also specific dermatoses that only affect women.

Pregnancy hormones alter the skin’s natural balance, and may result in increased sensitivity, with manifestations such as atopic eczema of pregnancy, polymorphic eruption of pregnancy, pemphigoid gestationis. As she prepares on this amazing journey to motherhood, sudden eruptions of skin rashes can be most distressing and distorts the experience that she would otherwise enjoy. An experienced dermatologist with pregnancy-related dermatoses can identify and treat the specific pregnancy dermatoses and allow her to bring her focus back on the baby.

Genital dermatosis is often under diagnosed as some may find it embarrassing to describe symptoms in the private area or having to bare an intimate part of herself to a stranger. However, if left untreated, genital dermatosis can be very persistent and affects a woman’s general well-being, sleep, and even sexual life. Eczema, autoimmune disorders, skin cancers do not spare the genital areas and can pose a major health risk the same way as they do to the rest of the body. A careful history taking and gentle examination can uncover many genital dermatoses that can be effectively treated or cured to return her to a normal quality of life.

Sexual health in women is steadily gaining recognition as women gain more independence and control over her life like never before. Being sexually active inevitably exposes women to risks of sexually transmitted infections. Educating women of the possible symptoms, regular screening and improved diagnostic techniques has empowered women to take charge of their own sexual health and be responsible to their own bodies. There is no need to suffer in silence nor any judgement in our discreet consultation with our dermatologist experienced in sexual health.

Ageing brings with it the wealth of knowledge and experience, but also takes a toll on the skin as pigmentation, saggy skin, wrinkles displace the once youthful face. We cannot slow down time, but we can slow down the footprints of time on our skin. Fortunately, our arsenal against age with skin boosters, laser treatments, energy devices, botox and fillers… is continually refined and reloaded. Women’s skin has different needs from that of men. A suitable skincare regimen with regular treatments can maintain a youthful face in a natural and sustainable way. There is no one treatment to suit all. We tailor our aesthetic program for each patient according to her skin type, lifestyle and expectation. And being one of the largest dermatological centres in Singapore, our wide selection of treatments and lasers available allow us to choose the best treatments for our patients.
Our Women's Health Specialist:


M.B.B.S. (S’pore),
M.R.C.S. (Edinburgh)

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Mohs Micrographic Surgeon,
MBBS (Singapore),
MRCP (UK), FAMS (Dermatology)

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M.B.B.S. (S’pore),
M.R.C.S. (Edinburgh)

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